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The process of designing building foundations using TSG systems is as follows. Initially, the dimensions of the foundations are set (for piles - the number, diameter and depth of the piles) and the temperature of the permafrost soils, which provides the required bearing capacity of the foundations. The required soil temperature must be provided by TSG systems.

At the same time, it is advisable to transfer soils to a hard frozen state in order to avoid deformations of foundations and floors. Verification calculations are carried out, as a result of which the final dimensions of the foundations, the temperature of permafrost soils and the characteristics of systems for thermal stabilization of soils are determined.

The use of semi-detached buildings with a width of up to 108 m with floors on the ground leads to a significant reduction in the building area, therefore, the costs of embankment construction, engineering communications, as well as the development and reclamation of quarries, reducing environmental impact and environmental payments are further reduced. In addition, the operating costs for the maintenance and heating of buildings are significantly reduced.

We will consider the economic effect of the use of foundations with GET temperature stabilization systems and floors on the ground using the example of five buildings of the EBP (Table 1). The ventilated underground is taken as an analogue. The cost savings for foundation construction includes the difference in capital costs and amounted to 124.68 million rubles.

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