Corporate values

Intangible capital of Zemtek
We quickly start with the implementation of the project. We make informed decisions promptly. We improve the efficiency of business processes.
We preserve the successful experience of the past, improve the present and create a promising future. We build deposits, open enterprises and new jobs
We are leaders in the construction and management of deposits. We are expanding the geography of projects - from Siberia and from the Far East to the Arctic. We develop and implement digital solutions for the mining industry.
We treat the clients business as if it were our own. We work honestly and are responsible for the result. We care about people and the environment.
We implement the best industry practices, improve competencies and skills, use advanced technologies and equipment.
We introduce a culture of industrial safety, use modern methods of monitoring and controlling the state of equipment, and take care of the working and rest conditions of our employees. Industrial safety and labor protection are key priorities for us.

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